IBS Allows You to Upgrade Where and When it Makes Sense

IBS upgrades and value-add extensions

Common updates available for you a la carte

Download this 25 minute webinar to hear what some IBS customers have said about moving to the latest IBS Enterprise release and industry specific modifications.

You’ve mulled over upgrading, even modifying, your IBS Enterprise R2, R3, R4, R5, or R6 but things are working fine, it isn’t broken so why fix it, change is bad, no budget, and you definitely don’t have the time.  That is fine, we understand.  In the meantime, IBS has been busy:

  • Over 750 man years of development have gone into the product since R5
  • R7 has over 200 major functional additions and enhancements built-into the system
  • We deliver our most common industry-specific modifications a la carte for you to chose based on your business priorities.

The latest Enterprise release allows you to take advantage of the industry best practices gleaned from 34 years of installation experience to: improve financial and supply chain visibility, decrease inventory and improve turns, and increase profit margins per transaction.