How Oscar Wilson Turned EDI Woes Into a Competitive Advantage

First of a three-part webinar series demonstrates how to use IBS’ EDI expertise to reduce your EDI expenses up to 10x. Yes, to a factor of 10!

During this session, you can ask Rick Fowler, Oscar Wilson IT Manager, how Oscar Wilson utilizes IBS EDI Services to drive the business.

Bob Pascoe, IBS EDI Services Manager, will show how IBS EDI Services eliminates the need to buy expensive software, staff multiple personnel, and pay annual maintenance costs on software that can cost $100,000+. For a fraction of the cost you can still automate document flow with your trading partners.

IBS EDI Services establishes:

  • Trading partner electronic relationships
  • Value added networks
  • Translation maps
  • Troubleshooting process throughout EDI transactions
Download to learn more about IBS’s already configured EDI with 50+ trading partners, how to only pay for what you use, and how zero in house expertise is needed to use IBS EDI services.

You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the video.

Download Windows Media Player to be able to watch the webinar.