Mediamaster fully integrated, media publishing-specific ERP system.

IBS Mediamaster: Effective content distribution for today’s new media environment.

As more and more online media distribution businesses take to the web to cultivate customers and establish competitive preference, IBS Mediamaster is becoming the ERP software of choice for success.

  • Smart phones and tablet computers have become increasingly popular with consumers seeking on-demand access of new media content.
  • The scope of digital books and online media available through e-retail outlets has become prolific, growing exponentially with each passing day.
  • Self-publishers in all media are now driving sales directly through blogs, social media and other online marketing devices, squeezing margins through new price expectations.
  • Universities are rapidly expanding the amount of free and charged content available to the educational community.
  • Sliding price scales are affecting royalty rates in an attempt to seduce authors and promote proprietary hardware.
  • Market demand for individual chapters, songs, episodes and other content slices has increased, creating a sub-market of competitors ready to seize market share.
  • Text content imbedded and aligned with audio and visual content is creating a new holistic user experience, increasingly in demand.
  • New media reach has opened the industry to unprecedented opportunity, as technology drives cost down and access up.

IBS Mediamaster is positioned to help you:

  • Increase access to consumer sales.
  • Manage complex digital supply chains.
  • Manage multiple and mixed product formats.
  • Combine discreet content fragments to form new products.
  • Increase your potential for subsidiary rights.
  • Meet the demand for back catalog and out-of-circulation products.

Mediamaster meets the challenge posed by complex new media products and variable contracts through an integrated distribution process that coordinates creative, sales, marketing and financial systems. It will increase your control over rights and permissions and expand customer acquisition, retention and support, through rich data management capabilities designed to immediately deliver best practices to your operation. The overall result is better decision-making and control for improved organizational value and performance.

Wherever you are in the continuum of new media content delivery, IBS can meet you there and take you forward. Our professional services team is ready to assist you with everything you need, from use case scenario and web development, to end-to-end system design, build and implementation support.

Today’s evolving new media environment is fast expanding the possibilities. Seize the opportunities that lay ahead as you become more efficient and productive now. Contact your IBS representative and discover how Mediamaster can move your business to new levels of competitive effectiveness and success.

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