Unlike any other software and consulting firm in the world, IBS specializes in solving the toughest business problems in distribution, allowing companies to maximize and control lean supply chains, leverage new revenue channels and optimize existing business. Our core solutions can be delivered through IBS Cloud Solutions or IBS Managed Services and include:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates and accelerates critical supply chain processes.
IBS Analytics IBS Analytics

IBS Analytics is a business discovery platform designed to make data actionable for every user. Unlike tools that simply put a new face on the same old data, this solution optimizes data structures through an analytical query engine that provides an interactive user experience, visualizations and collaboration to support the way our human curiosity naturally searches.
IBS Business Suite

IBS Business Suite 2015 represents a comprehensive, synchronized solution suite, including ERP, WMS, business intelligence and sales and operations planning, designed specifically for forward-thinking distributors.
Cloud Solutions IBS Cloud Solutions

IBS Cloud applications are designed to provide benefits such as lower IT cost through fixed monthly fees, reduced business risk, faster time to value and greater flexibility combined with the advanced functionality of the IBS industry-leading ERP and Supply Chain solutions.
e-Business Solutions IBS eCommerce

IBS NetStore is an e-business application that provides your customers with Internet access to your company, offering immediate answers to order-related questions through an easy-to-use graphical interface. This feature-rich solution will improve your customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and lighten the load on your current staff.
BookMaster Publishing ERP

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution enables a digital business model that not only manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement, but also optimizes systems for growth and business value.
Sales & Operation Planning IBS Sales & Operation Planning

Our solution gives you the up-to-date, accurate information you need to make those critical business decisions that will help you achieve the five key value drivers for distribution profitability.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring strict process control, accurate data capturing and complete visibility across the boundaries of manufacturing and distribution.