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When running your own IT operations, you are faced with many issues:

  • Sizing and paying for periodic performance peaks throughout the year
  • Knowing the right system to choose for optimum operations, considering business conditions as they are today and may be tomorrow
  • Building and maintaining a data center, while keeping the current system up and running 24/7 and free from maintenance
  • Changing a system rapidly without over-paying for the change
  • Maintaining system knowledge among personnel who are pressed to remain available around the clock

At Iptor we have found that moving your data to the cloud actually improves security, scalability, access and disaster recovery – while reducing the obvious headaches.

Some of the costs associated with a traditional hardware solution include:

  • Lease or write-off cost
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Floor space
  • Insurance
  • Employee and consultant costs.

Iptor Cloud Solutions offer the savings and flexibility of the cloud, with added benefits that come from our state-of-the-art facilities, located in Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands – designed for high uptime, high density and energy efficiency.

In an increasingly dynamic and flexible market, where rapid change has become part of everyday life, our Cloud Solutions allow you to pay only for the data capacity you actually use in a given situation.

All equipment is monitored automatically, 24 hours-a-day, all year round, and our service desk is supported by a Customer Service Manager (CSM).

Increase your competitive advantages with flexible Cloud Solutions from Iptor!

Iptor ApplicationCloud

This is our newest offering where we provide Infrastructure, operating system software and application monitoring for all IBS products.  By providing this service, customers can focus on their business while we manage the application.  This service is available globally from our strategic data centers.

Iptor PowerCloud Puts the Power of IBM’s Best On Your Side

In an increasingly dynamic and flexible market, where rapid change has become part of everyday life, customer and supplier needs change on a day-to-day basis. For your company to compete, you must remain responsive.

Through Iptor PowerCloud, you gain the ability to customize IBM Power System data capacity in a timely and cost effective manner. Iptor PowerCloud is a flexible, reliable and robust service that can dramatically reduce your total cost of an IBM Power environment. Iptor provides the critical data capacity you need to quickly adapt to changing demands and still keep the cost down.

Get the most out of your system with Iptor!

Iptor PolyCloud Effectively Harnesses Your Intel/Windows Environment

Through Iptor PolyCloud, it is now possible to customize the data capacity on Intel/Windows platform in a timely and cost effective way. Iptor PolyCloud is a flexible, reliable and powerful service that can dramatically lower the total cost of an Intel/Windows environment. Iptor provides a data capacity that can very quickly adapt to the prevailing requirements, thus keeping cost down.

Iptor PolyCloud provides Intel capabilities for Microsoft Windows 2008 and Linux, offering you:

  • Maximum physical IT security
  • Very little or no downtime
  • Better use of your IT staff
  • Lower overall IT costs.

Achieve a “greener” IT environment with Iptor.

Iptor IceBoxCloud Is the Smart Way to Preserve Legacy Applications

Iptor IceBoxCloud is an affordable option for saving applications that have outlived their production value, but must still remain available to satisfy for legal or historical business requirements.

  • You may not convert all historical data from the old scheme to the new, and therefore need to have the old system available to search historical material.
  • Some data ledgers, invoices, etc. must be stored for 10 years for legal reasons.

Iptor IceBoxCloud can preserve your legacy applications in a cost-effective manner, allowing you to adjust data capacity as requirements change. Quite simply your old application is transferred to our data centers, where it remains available 24/7. This flexible, reliable, versatile and powerful service can dramatically lower your total cost of an IBM Power environment.

Put your critical aging data on ice with Iptor!


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