Wholesale Distribution Software

Wholesale Distribution Issues

Customer retention. Optimization. Profitability. Meeting these challenges keeps the wholesale distribution industry on the run. To succeed, wholesale distributors of any size must think big, so they can meet the diverse needs of customers while maximizing operational efficiency. IBS solutions are helping wholesale distributors achieve their business goals.

Wholesale Distribution Software

Business Drivers

Achieving economies of scale in an information-driven business such as wholesale distribution can be challenging without an integrated supply chain management system driving your overall planning and day-to-day operations. IBS has established itself as the leader in wholesale distribution software, and our 30-plus years in the business have afforded us with a wealth of industry-specific experience on which to meet your dynamic enterprise needs. Whether you are seeking to accommodate complex pricing and discounts, improve credit handling, automate pick and pack processes, manage parcel carriers or incorporate any of a wide variety of distribution industry best practices, rely on IBS wholesale distribution software to have the ready answer.

  • Improve processes all around the company, from sales order management and procurement, to inventory and warehouse management, alerts management, financial reporting and more.
  • Reduce lead-times, stock levels and overall cost through enhanced supplier management and system visibility, including the ability to control rebates manage cash flow.
  • Build sales and customer satisfaction using integrated, real-time CRM and WMS data to anticipate demand, resolve queries, reconcile returns and proactively communicate with customers and suppliers alike.

IBS has everything you require to address the dynamic needs of your evolving wholesale distribution business now – with proven software customized and deployed by experienced professionals who understand your business goals. Get the results you seek faster with IBS.

IBS wholesale distribution clients include Mayflex, Bantex, Mighty Auto Parts and Rexel.