You Don’t Have to be Road Kill in the Logistics Capacity Race

In this article recently featured in Material Handling & Logistics, Bill Tomasi, Global Director of Product Management at IBS, and Dan Vertachnik, Executive VP and COO at IBS’ partner MercuryGate were interviewed on the state of transportation and warehousing.

MH&L Editor Tom Andel references the recently released annual state of logistics report and the difficulties that shippers face with respect to capacity and talent to move shipments, and goes on to discuss the opportunities for 3PL’s to meet the rising demand. Our own Bill Tomasi details the growing trend of 3PL customers buying materials handling equipment to track movement and streamline billing, while MercuryGate’s Dan Vertachnik calls for supply chain collaboration among shippers, carriers and intermediaries as the transactional and brokerage markets converge.

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