Strengthened leadership and vision for IBS Bookmaster

IBS Bookmaster enters 2011 after a solid year which saw many positive changes.  During 2010 the Bookmaster business focused on improving customer relationships, achieved growth through winning significant new business, as well as renewing product investment.

With this encouraging backdrop, Bookmaster leadership has been further strengthened with the appointment of Ludo Hertroijs as global Vice President of IBS Bookmaster.  His energy, experience, and ability to connect with customers, makes him an ideal candidate to build on IBS Bookmaster’s vision. 

Working closely with Viv Makila (Bookmaster P&D), Kamal Sharma (strategic partnering) and the rest of the international team, Ludo will focus on delivering value to our customers capitalizing on our strong position to grow within the fast-paced publishing industry.  “Bookmaster is well positioned for continued success throughout 2011 and beyond.  We have a solid team in place and I am confident that we can accelerate this success through dedicated product investment in line with industry demands, and by remaining close to the needs of our customers.  Bookmaster continues to take major steps towards the delivery of the industry’s most functionally complete solution for the Digital Publishing Supply Chain” says Ludo Hertroijs.

For more information regarding Ludo’s appointment, or any questions regarding the structure of Bookmaster’s Management Team, please contact or your local account manager.