IBS Launches 2nd Executive Industry Insights Event for Food Themed “The Modern Food Supply Chain – A Fresh Approach”.

Press Release

International Business Systems (STO: IBS B) in Australia launches the second event of a new series of industry-specific events, themed “Executive Industry Insights”, with this event focused on the food manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries.

Sydney, Australia – April 27, 2010 - Ask any Supply Chain Manager and they’ll quickly confirm that the modern food supply chain does not stay ‘modern’ for very long...

New technologies are constantly being developed to help companies improve their competitive edge by reducing delivery times, shortening response times, improving efficiencies, and identifying problem areas – all with the goal of increasing profit margins for, not only themselves, but also their clients.

Is your company keeping up with the times?

To discover the answer to this question and how some of the latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions could improve your competitiveness and profit margins, Senior Executives and Supply Chain Directors are strongly urged to attend the second of our 2010 series of Executive Industry Insights, entitled “The Modern Food Supply Chain – a Fresh Approach.” Sessions with Identical content will be held in Melbourne (May 12th) and Sydney (May 13th).

A conversation with Dr Silvia Estrada-Flores

IBS Australia recently spoke with one of the event’s key speakers, Dr Silvia Estrada-Flores, Principal Consultant with Australian based food business management firm Food Chain Intelligence, to discuss how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is changing the way food and beverage companies do business.

Silvia’s insights provided much ‘food for thought’ including the idea that the challenge for ‘first movers’ is finding a balance between: (a) the early adoption of innovations to beat competitors; (b) the level of risk that early stage technologies pose; and (c) the investment required to make innovations work within the specific context of the company.

IBS’ Food Distribution Experts:

Silvia will be joined at the upcoming event by IBS’ Food distribution experts, Andrew Uzzell & George Kinsella, Senior Business Consultants with IBS Australia who will discuss how and why the industry must evolve to maintain its competitiveness and profitability.

Andrew Uzzell: “Wholesale distribution, when choreographed at its utmost best, is both an art-form and a science, but very few companies can stake claim to achieving this and as a result are missing out on golden opportunities to increase profits and exceed client expectations. This event is not to be missed.”

George Kinsella: “Even the biggest blue-chip organizations can never afford to become complacent in a world that is becoming more competitive almost by the day. Staying ahead of the competition means not only staying alert to new technologies and the latest innovations. More importantly it’s about fully understanding how those solutions can benefit your organization. Some of the latest advancements are absolutely amazing.”

Andrew Uzzell and George Kinsella are guest speakers at our exclusive industry event entitled “The Modern Food Supply Chain – A Fresh Approach” being held in Melbourne on May 12th and Sydney on May 13th.

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