Senior Technical Consultant

Location: UK, BeNeLux, Germany.

Job Description

The Senior Technical Consultant at IBS is responsible for the technical aspects of our business solutions, both during the selling and implementation projects. Consultant will assure quality in the work, descriptions and code across all functions, and be responsible for all deliverables to the customer.

Furthermore, the Senior Technical Consultant will assure that the agreed standards and methods within the development life cycle handling are followed, and thereby act as a technical lead for a project or a customer account. Together with the Project Manager will plan all technical activities and help allocate resources.  All developers working within a project or an account will report to the Senior Technical Consultant assigned to the project.

When appointed to a sales project, will work together with the sales team identifying risks and assuring the proposed solution will work from a technical perspective.  

Other responsibilities include providing expertise in one or more specific technical areas, assisting team members in the technical engineering aspects of customer implementation, and mentoring and providing technical guidance for engineers. The incumbent will also be required to travel for 50% of the time.

Essential Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Senior Technical Consultant are described below.

  • Understand the design specification and time line estimates for assignments. Consult with the project manager to resolve any perceived discrepancies.
  • Document internal and external changes or modifications to programs.
  • Build integration to:
    • Order Management, ERP, and other host systems.
    • Control systems for Material Handling and Automation
    • RFID and other data collection methods
    • Parcel Systems, Scales, and other physical communication devices.
  • Create customer-specific labels and reports.
  • Follow and support test control procedures as developed by the project manager.
  • Provide on-site and post go-live implementation and support activities, as directed by the project manager.
  • Support to the project manager during the design processes, in conducting system analysis, and with reviewing specifications and time line estimates to determine if further clarification is necessary.
  • Will have task assignment or task management responsibilities and delegation authority.
  • Lead and mentor software engineers.
  • Assist developers with appropriate techniques required to fulfill project assignments.
  • Lead technical teams in assignments as directed.
  • Groom Engineers to attain the next level.
  • Perform code reviews
  • Provide customer focus.
  • Learn the customer’s business to provide functional and operational expertise.
  • Understand the business drivers and ROI for the project (justifications) and how your role will assist in fulfilling these.
  • Lead discussions on operational improvement areas to further enhance ROI.
  • Promote IBS Implementation Methodology and Approach
  • Act as subject matter expert (SME) for customer and internal team members, as needed.
  • Plan and coordinate service windows needed together with the customer
  • Act as technical contact person for Customer Support
  • Participate in Customer Strategy meetings
  • Participate in Customer Governance meetings
  • Work together with Iptor in planning hardware activities as required
  • Provide Installation / Support of Solution


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, MIS or related field, or equivalent experience in a technology-related field.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in software solutions and life cycle.
  • Significant knowledge (depth/breath) of IBS applications.
  • At least 5 years of software development experience with 3GL and 4GL programming languages, relational databases, web tools, client-server graphical user interface (GUI), MSSQL, and Windows technologies.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, particularly with regard to anticipating and solving problems, issues, or concerns before they occur or become critical.
  • Strong written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills in English with internal and external customers.
  • Able to work effectively both alone and in team/cooperative development efforts.
  • Able to learn supply chain concepts and progress in technical and general business skills.
  • Prior WMS Experience preferred


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