Good Will Publishers Selects IBS Bookmaster to Drive Business Growth

Press Release

Publishing House to Implement IBS Bookmaster to Streamline Operations, Unify IT Systems and Support Evolution to Digital Media-centric Publishing

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov, 2011 – International Business Systems (IBS), a leading global integrated ERP and supply chain provider, announced today that Good Will Publishers, Inc. has selected IBS Bookmaster, the industry’s most complete solution for the Digital Publishing supply chain, to unify its systems and operations while supporting its expansion into digital media as part of the company’s aggressive business growth strategy.

With a 75-year history in publishing and three primary businesses, Good Will Publishers has been managing multiple and disparate systems operating on custom software. The company sought to streamline its IT systems and replace its existing array of applications and platforms with a fully integrated solution. In addition, as the company continues its aggressive growth plan, it has transformed to being a book and media publisher, requiring more capabilities to leverage its assets.  With IBS Bookmaster, Good Will Publishers will be able to better manage data on multiple channels of distribution, automate their sponsorship business and more efficiently manage all planning and distribution phases.

“With a long history of success in publishing, we are always looking for ways to work more efficiently as we are continuously growing our business to best meet the evolving demands of our customers,” said Billy Schiffiano, vice president of marketing at Good Will Publishers. “IBS Bookmaster is providing a robust platform to support all three businesses with minimal customization. In addition, IBS professional services will ensure we spend minimum IT resources, so that we can focus on our business objectives.”

Good Will Publishers is currently implementing the IBS hosted solution in two locations in North Carolina. The new system will include order processing, inventory management, returns, forecasting, purchasing, advanced warehouse management, subscription management, Rights and Royalties, CRM applications, credit card processing, forms management, web enablement and digital delivery products.

“Good Will Publishers is at the cutting edge of publishing, embracing new distribution channels and looking to automate its processes for continued growth,” said Ludo Hertroijs, vice president at IBS.  “IBS has a track record of success providing flexible industry solutions to the $135 billion global publishing and wholesale book distribution industry, and we remain committed to offering customers the technology they need to leverage new revenue channels and maximize their existing business. We look forward to extending these services to Good Will Publishers to help it reach its strategic goals and best serve its customer base.”

IBS Bookmaster is a fully-integrated ERP system for traditional and digital publishers with strong distribution management capabilities. It supports industry best practices and offers services consistent with the highest standards of book trade efficiency. Used by publishers and distributors in 16 countries, Bookmaster, a highly scalable solution, requires little or no modifications for use, allowing customers to leverage the same standard core system worldwide.

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