Revenue: Get more business, close more business, faster.

It’s a fact. Every distribution business needs more sales. And with growing global competition vying for your customer base, anything you can do to improve your sales process makes you a stronger competitor. Sales planning, lead generation, account management, sales process flow and ongoing analytics all contribute to building a better, more effective sales organization. Rely on IBS to help you:

  • Establish effective territories, pricing, promotions and best practices.
  • Gain on-demand access to your sales database.
  • Coordinate leads and streamline customer contact.
  • Identify sales opportunities and close more deals faster.
  • Track account activity and identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Improve and coordinate customer, field and home office communications.
  • Accurately forecast and manage quotes to feed your sales pipeline.
  • Automate sales processes and improve sales support.
  • Use technology to mobilize your sales force and coordinate activities.
  • Increase visibility across your customer database for greater performance.

Can your organization use more sales? We thought so. Let’s talk.

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