Automate Your IBS Enterprise Workflows Today

Become more efficient by reducing paper documentation

Automate Workflows Today and Realize Immediate Value

An average business has 30 employees spending 40-60 minutes per day handling and searching for paper documents for an average of 6,000 wasted hours per year. Reduce this time to 10 minutes per day and your company would save over 200 man hours per month and 2,400 man hours per year. It’s a bottom line decision that will allow you to immediately:

  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Provide faster order to cash cycles
  • Increase orders and sales

Watch this 25 minute webinar to address work flow problems within a single department or are interested in streamlining administrative processes throughout your entire organization. IBS Workflow offers a solution for purchase order matching, sales order management, purchasing, contracts, rebates/chargebacks, and mobility approvals that will provide an immediate business impact.


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