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Peter Kilborn, Executive Director, BIC, announces IBS Bookmaster’s Supply Chain Excellence accreditation

“I have now had back the results of the consultation with our review group and there is general unanimity that you should be successfully accredited. Many congratulations!”

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Oliver Holden, US Sales Director, IBS Bookmaster, comments

“Our new Rights, Royalties and Permissions system will work just as well for licensing companies as it does for publishers and this is something that publishers need to think very hard about.”

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Timothy Doyle, CFO at Harvard University Press on embracing digitization

"We are a traditional publisher moving positively into the modern, digital world. However, thanks to IBS Bookmaster, we are doing it very much with our eyes open. With all the information we have to hand and with the technical, strategic and physical capabilities to ensure we embrace digitization positively and without detriment to our existing business."

An insight into the IBS Bookmaster roadmap by Viv Makila, Product & Development Manager

People have never been more seamlessly integrated with technology. Smartphones and tablets have proliferated, desensitising people to the wizardry behind the screen. Consumers don't want to hear what they can't do because of different platforms or complex functionality, they just want to be able to do what they want when they want to, instantly and easily. They also don't care if this is done on a Mac or Windows desktop, an iPad or a smartphone. Bookmaster's roadmap is designed to meet this challenge by embracing the latest advances being offered by .NET and JAVA based technology platforms.  Bookmaster’s Web Enablement, Digital Product Management as well as its Rights, Royalties and Permissions areas are exploiting these latest technologies so that customers have fast, easy access to the applications, data and services they need to manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively. 

The technology which underpins Bookmaster has always given our customers the reliability and performance they would expect, and we are committed to this service.

Edwin Fager, President, Kensai International Ltd, comments on publishers’ latest challenge

"Without doubt, the biggest challenge for publishers right now is implementing systems to handle rights and royalties. The eBook revolution has overtaken the system capabilities of most publishers and it is in the area of royalties where some of the biggest headaches are being felt."
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Claire Peel, Global Marketing Manager, IBS Bookmaster, comments on visitors at LBF & BEA 2011

“One of the most common questions I was asked was around the measurement and tracking of ebook sales and this is exactly the type of integrated solution Bookmaster delivers.” Find out more » 

Oliver Holden, US Sales Director, IBS Bookmaster, quoted at BEA 2011

“Bookmaster has been extended to incorporate the latest technologies in order to seamlessly manage orders for all distribution channels, including print, digital and Print on Demand (POD), so that line items for any of the above may be co-mingled in any one order  including bundles, subscriptions, kits and single title lines in any combination, and shipped appropriately in all cases.” Contact Oliver for more information »

Davinder Bedi, Managing Director, BookSource, comments on ‘Surviving the Digital Age’:

“I suppose if all physical books suddenly disappeared, we would have to take a long hard look at our own business model, but it must be remembered that the book isn’t actually going anywhere in too much of a hurry. It will need to live alongside digital content for many more years and having an outsourcing partner that can provide a solution for all aspects of publishing is going to be hugely compelling and attractive.”  Read more »  

Peter Kilborn, Executive Director, BIC, comments on ‘Trends that Matter’:

“Despite the many warnings, most publishers appear to have been taken by surprise by the developments in the digital supply chain. They are resorting to quick work-arounds to deal with it rather than putting time into some serious planning. There is still a resistance to investing in the broad-based IT and standard systems that could underpin the digital supply chain in a positive and long term way. The situation has not been helped by the demands on publishers by significant new entrants who are demanding support for their proprietary processes and procedures.” Read more »

Claire Peel, Global Marketing Manager, IBS Bookmaster, comments on LBF 2011:

“There was a marked change in attitude towards investment in IT budgets at LBF this year.  Last year, people were quite guarded, but this year we spoke to many publishers and distributors who made their intention to invest in integrated, enterprise-wide systems very clear. With the digital age upon us, these companies seem determined to automate and integrate their business processes – and we are here to help them.”

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