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Read our series of interviews and quotes from some of the industry’s most interesting figures.

Is it the end of the line for the warehouse?

@The BookMaster gets Oliver Holden’s, Sales Director, IBS Bookmaster USA, latest industry comment.

It’s time to embrace Print On Demand

@TheBookMaster Interview with Tom Woll, President, Cross River Consulting, Inc.

The Rise and Rise of Print-on-Demand

With Viv Makila, Head of Product Development at IBS Bookmaster

Managing Royalties Today

@TheBookMaster Interview with Edwin Fager, President, Kensai International Ltd

Managing the Digital Revolution

By Peter Kilborn (Executive Director, BIC)

Surviving the Digital Age

with Davinder Bedi, Managing Director, BookSource

Rising to the Digital Challenge – Part I

Claire Peel interviews IBS Bookmaster P&D Manager, Viv Makila

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